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About Kabir

Here is a list of things that make my soul tingle: dumplings, musical theater, my loved ones, riffing, cooking, bullet journaling, dancing, watching my friends sing their faces off, diversity in theatre, snow, laughter, and boba. 


I grew up with two parents who immigrated to the States from India and settled down in an incredibly diverse town in Georgia. Growing up I found myself getting bubble tea at 2 am, seeing family in India every summer, taking AP courses (I even misguidedly took through AP Chemistry), and being in every single musical and play I could. 

This culmination of things led me to where I am today - a New York City based artist with a BFA in MT from Indiana University! In addition to finding the best sweet treats everywhere I am, I'm passionate about being in productions that offer audiences a fresh take on what we know to be musical theatre as a whole - more specifically, new works and reimagined classics. 

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